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Top quality asphalt services and customer satisfaction with every job

The local asphalt expert, Scottop Paving offers complete asphalt paving services and more to Suffolk, Essex, and Middlesex Counties, MA. When you need a surface paved and you need it paved right the first time – call us. As 2nd generation pavers, we’ve grown up paving roadways, driveways, parking lots and sealcoating.


We are also happy to provide digging / excavation services and even snow plow services to make Boston winters a bit easier.

The area experts in paving

Scottop Paving is the leader in asphalt paving and repair in Suffolk, Essex, and Middlesex Counties. Our staff is fully insured and all of our work is 100% guaranteed. Let us handle your paving needs today!

Our services also include:

The area's leader in service

• Driveway Paving

• Parking Lots Paving

• Sealcoating

• Roadway Paving

Our Residential and Commercial Asphalt Paving Services Include:

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• Sod

• Loam

• Grading

• Excavating

• Dry Wells

• Retaining Walls

• Snow Plowing

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  • Walkway Paving

  • Excavating

  • Snow Plowing

  • Never turn the wheel of your vehicle when in a stopped position

  • Stagger vehicle parking. Avoid parking in the exact same spot every day

  • Piercing items such as kick stands, bikes and motercycles, chairs, and car ramps may cause holes or dips.

Driveway Maintenance and Tips

How long after paving can I drive and park on my new driveway?


You can drive and park on your new driveway after 72 hours (or longer if specified due to sub base issue).


It is common at times to see tire imprints in your new driveway.


If you do have a few scuffed areas the heat from the sun will smooth the surface over time.


It can take up to 12 months for the asphalt to harden and cure.


Flat driveways may result in slow draining or little standing water.


We recommended that you have your driveway seal coated 2 months after install giving it time to settle.


For the first couple of summers, especially on very hot days:

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